Brand Development

Since last year, launched number of actions have been initiatedat renewing the corporate image and increasing the image of the Group brand with the general public, both national and international.

On the occasion of the privatisation on the stock exchange, in 2016 an organic advertising campaign was developed, articulated and strongly integrated, that was aimed at promoting the new corporate image and in particular the IPO. This operation, besides having favoured the acquisition of shares by the retail market, has in fact considerably raised awareness of the ENAV Group and its activities with the general public: the brand awareness in fact went from 37% to 68%. This result allowed the Company to maintain a high level of brand awareness in 2017 as well.

Regarding web communication activities, the new Group Web portal’s sections was periodically updated, also through the insertion of new multimedia and interactive informational products. The new website, through the use of latest generation platform, is usable either from desktop as well as from all mobile devices (smartphones, tablet, etc.). The website achieved excellent results in terms of visits, reaching 20,200,427 pages visited by 697,186 visitors during the year.

Regarding the ENAV YouTube channel, it has continued with the insertion of new content, bringing the product count to more than 300 videos with 1000 subscribers and over 232,000 views.

During the year, the Brand Development Department has also continued the total renewal of the Group's corporate identity that has also seen the restyling of all the logos of the companies that compose it.