Customer relationship quality

The ENAV community consists of direct customers (airlines) and indirect customers (such as, for example, passengers). More specifically, for its direct customers, ENAV has developed, with an increasing commitment and attention, an efficient system of customer relationship management, supported by internal procedures, aimed at involving directly the customers in the measurement of their level of satisfaction regarding the provision of ATS (Air Traffic Services). Every year ENAV conducts a Customer Survey through an online platform on which the various users can express their level of approval, on a scale from 1 (highly dissatisfied) to 5 (highly satisfied); ENAV's minimum objective is the achievement of a customer satisfaction level equal to or greater than 3.

In 2017, the satisfaction of the services provided to the airlines (CNA) scored 4 on a scale of 5 (3.8 in 2016).

The survey completion was 66.6% (22% in 2016) considering the 15 Top Customers, and 54% in the total calculation of the questionnaires sent to CNA.

CRM activities are obviously not limited to the customer satisfaction survey but are divided in a series of initiatives aimed at stakeholder involvement and an active participation in the evolution of the various processes (often associated with new operational implementations). As a rule, in carrying out its relational activities, ENAV promotes one to one meetings, plenary sessions, open day demonstrations and thematic workshops related to the activities of the Air Navigation Services Directorate (DSNA). ENAV's customer-oriented approach is thus based on integrated modes of action that are able to satisfy the expectations of airspace users, and to ensure the availability of those processes that are required to deliver increasingly effective and efficient services, while at the same time promoting constant improvement.

In line with these principles, in 2017ENAV signed cooperation agreements with important airlines (Norwegian Airlines and Vueling Airlines) and others are being finalised.

The following diagram summarises the early engagement process of the customer in defining and sharing the requirements associated with the provision of air navigation services.