The Group is committed to specifically safeguarding the various aspects that will be dealt with in this chapter, such as consumption, waste management and biodiversity, while waiting to develop a specific environmental policy that is currently under study.

One aspect in which the company manages to create sustainable value in respect of the community, and which is now an integral part of the business objectives of the Group, concerns the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. If safety remains the indispensable prerequisite, the real challenge is to be able to combine it with an approach that can guarantee the airlines not only to fly safely, but to also be able to do it with efficient routes, which reduce journey times and permit lower consumption. One kg less fuel also means 3 kg less CO2 released into the environment. For this reason, for the past 10 years ENAV has been carrying out the Flight Efficiency Plan (FEP), a plan that allows airlines to benefit from increasingly efficient routes, with positive effects on costs, consumption and, not least, harmful emissions. In the last 5 years ENAV has saved over EUR 100 million in fuel for its customers.