Equal opportunities

Among the general principles listed in the Group's Code of Ethics, there is the valorisation of equality, according to which the Group's companies must operate by guaranteeing equal opportunities avoiding any discrimination based on political, trade union, and religious opinion, or on the basis of race, nationality, age, sex, sexual orientation, state of health and in general any intimate characteristic of the human person.

Based on these considerations, it is evident how both the internal practices focusing on equal opportunities and those on anti-discrimination practices are important among the values of the ENAV Group. Both these areas, in fact, are seen as important factors of internal cohesion, capable of contributing to the creation of a motivating working environment. A heterogeneous workforce is experienced as a resource, capable of generating progress and improving performance.

In line with its commitment, ENAV has established an Equal Opportunities Committee which, in collaboration with the Human Resources Department, engages in activities that are aimed at promoting the culture and the practices of equality in the corporate context, and, at the same time, to bring attention and help to possible situations of discrimination that require specific interventions.

To accomplish this purpose, the Committee constantly updates itself, also through comparison with other Committees, looking at new legislations and at the initiatives and interventions related to the subject, with the aim of involving the company and employees in a process of acquisition of the culture of equality.

Although there is no specific policy on the subject, the initiatives put in place by the ENAV Group to promote the culture of equal opportunities in the Company, many. In past years, for example, the Group has joined the Charter for Equal Opportunities and equality at work, with the aim to give its concrete contribution to the fight against all forms of discrimination at work, while, at the same time, engaging in enhancing the diversity within the organisation through the definition of company practices aimed at overcoming gender stereotypes and preventing all forms of discrimination. These strategies were based on the knowledge that the realisation of an environment that ensures equal opportunities to all, by recognising the potential and skills of each person, contributes to increasing the competitiveness and success of the company.

The event that every year enjoys particular success among the staff is the one called "Children in the office with mum and dad"; it is a national event that is usually held on the last Friday of May that, also through the involvement of different ENAV offices located on the national territory, allows the children of employees to "live" for one day in the working environment of their parents, allowing them to acquire tranquillity and awareness regarding the absence of their parents from home.

This day also has a training purpose; every year in fact, a topic among the activities of the company is chosen and small lessons and practical games related to the subject are organized, promoting the involvement of the children in expressing their commitment and imagination.

The activity of Support and Counselling for the Reports Received, imposes that the Committee plays an interfacing role with the Human Resources Department, in relation to those particular reports, received from co-workers, which highlight personal problems. Collaboration and listening are aimed at finding the best solution for the company and the reporting person.

Also regarding welfare, many internal practices and initiatives are implemented and involve, in most cases, accommodations granted to employees that are beyond those established by law. A successful case launched in 2017, addressed the project "Solidarity Holidays". Implementing the provisions of Article 24 of Legislative Decree No. 151/2015, concerning the free disposal of their rest days and holidays to other workers for the assistance of minor children who need constant care for health reasons, ENAV and the trade unions signed a specific Agreement on 19/06/2017 which has broadly expanded the borders of the rule: it has been established that these joint initiatives can also be initiated in favour of employees who, in their own family environment, need to assist parents, spouses, partners living as man and wife and adult children..

This project has allowed the company to acquire an important tool to intervene on the reconciliation of private life and work of its employees, contributing to the improvement of corporate wellbeing. Following the signing of the agreement, the Human Resources Management department has received 3 valid requests for solidarity leave, as a result of which information has been given to the employees concerned on the timing and modalities for submitting the transfer offer.

The workers' community responded to the requests of the needy colleagues in an extremely generous way: as many as 104 employees offered to give up their RFS (Reclaiming of Suppressed Holidays) and holidays, for a total of 248 days.

On the topic of the protection of maternity/paternity leave, ENAV has promoted other initiatives, proving its attention towards this problem by expanding, through contractual agreements, the advantages and guarantees provided by the current legislation in this field.

With regard to welfare, still, ENAV has contracted with the insurance companies of reference (entirely at the cost of the company) a health policy to protect its employees, extending, starting from 2018, the possibility of being insured also to its staff in retirement -even though the payment of the premium, in this case, is the responsibility of the insured-, under the same conditions.

Similarly, ENAV intervenes in support of the so-called supplementary pension plan with a share equal to 2/3 of that envisaged for the membership of employees to the Prevaer Fund, with the possibility to extend, at the expense of the employees, the membership of their dependent children to the Fund.

In the field of training and education, it is necessary to highlight how ENAV supports, each year, with a contribution equal to 80% of the cost, the disbursement of scholarships that are awarded, through specific selections carried out by the Intercultura Society, to the children of employees.

The "Open" project operates in the same field. It is an initiative that began during last year and that offers technical and professional support to the children of the employees who are close to the graduation from high school, in order to help them to identify university faculties and/or professional paths of interest, having regard to the school knowledge acquired over the years.