Investor relations

ENAV has consistently placed great deal of attention on its relations with shareholders, the financial analysts and the financial community in general, establishing shortly before its listing on the Mercato Telematico Azionario operated and managed by Borsa Italiana on July 26th 2016, the Investor Relations department in order to manage, in a continuous and effective way, these relations.

The opportunities for dialogue are many: conference calls, meetings, financial conferences and roadshows. In these events, the management team (typically the Chief Executive Officer and the Chief Financial Officer, together with the Head of Investor Relations) present to the financial community the main results of the period (quarterly, half-yearly, yearly), business trends and strategy guidelines and is available to answer the questions received from the individual participants.

A dedicated mailing list is also available to the financial community through which the company periodically communicates its relevant financial news, as well as a dedicated e-mail address, through which it answers questions asked by investors or financial analysts in the event of new business activities or particular market trends. All the economic and financial information related to the Group, as well as the main share performance indicators and the analysts’ opinions, are published in a dedicated Investor Relations section of the site

In the period January – December 2017, ENAV had over 250 interactions with institutional investors, mostly during roadshows organised both at the ENAV premises (headquarters, ACC and control towers), and at the locations of individual investors in Italy, in Europe, in Asia/Australia and in the United States. The remaining contacts were held through the company's participation in financial conferences and through conference calls with investors. In addition to investor relations, ENAV maintains frequent contacts with financial analysts covering the security (so-called "sell-side") and, during 2017, two further research brokers , specialising in infrastructure companies, initiated coverage on ENAV, for a total of 11 analysts.

For 2018, ENAV aims to further expand opportunities for interaction and meeting with the financial community using various occasions such as roadshows, participation in financial conferences and conference calls, in line with the best market practices. During 2018, the company aims to broaden its investor base by focusing on investors based in geographical areas not reached during the IPO and on investors with a medium-long term investment perspective or focused on the infrastructure sector.