Internal communication

In the last few years the Group has developed a "sustainable" internal communication, through projects and actions that were aimed not only to inform but also and above all to involve people in the organisational and strategic dynamics of the company through:

  • The involvement of all employees in the analysis of communication processes in order to create the conditions for the sharing of knowledge, culture and values;
  • The use of internal communication as a lever to promote people's participation;
  • A vision of the company as different from a closed system but rather open to its countless interactions and repercussions with the environment that surrounds it;
  • Online and off-line press, publishing, social media 2.0;
  • The stimulation of a perception of the internal communication tools as a fundamental instrument to talk about ourselves and to create an identity and a shared culture.

The Internal Communication aims to acquire progressively a more central role and to build a system capable of ensuring the widespread and timely provision of information to each segment of the Group's population.

The main tools of Internal Communication are:

  • The New Group Intranet “Follow Me”;
  • The monthly magazine “House Organ”;
  • Newsletters;

The New Group Intranet "Follow Me"

By the end of 2017, the ENAV and Techno Sky portals retired, giving up their place to a new infrastructure that represents the evolution and the technological foundation enabling Group communication as well as a new digital company space, where all key processes are managed through innovative modalities. The new Followme portal, whose name was voted by the Group employees, in addition to having a new graphic design, offers a more dynamic and modular interface where all the work tools are easily reachable . Some digital services are already active, while starting from June 2018, it will be possible to reach the website from a personal device from anywhere and at any time. Moreover, it will be possible to express opinion on what is published or to contribute to in depth forums in the logic of a company community.

Followme constitutes a part of the Digital Workplace intended as a place where it is possible to operate in "smartworking" mode, that is, always being connected with the team and the working environment.