Remuneration practices

The remuneration internal practices of the Parent company ENAV differ depending on whether they involve "non-middle manager staff" or "middle manager and executive" personnel.

Regarding "non-middle manager personnel", the performance evaluation process is started annually, in order to report on the performance of all staff operating in the H36 time system and who have worked during the year for more than 6 months.

Starting in November, the Resource Organisation and Development function define the list of resources that need to be evaluated. The resources concerned and their evaluators are identified on the basis of the following requirements:

  • H36 time system;
  • presence in Department/Sector/Installation for more than 6 months.

Subsequently, through the dedicated IT application, the process of evaluation of technical skills and performance is initiated by the responsible manager, with a validation by a higher level manager. At the end of the evaluation process and consistent with the reported results, the Human Resources Management department initiates the merit recognition internal practices, in line with the economic resources specifically provided for in the budget of the applicable year. Evaluations are made on a standard model for all the resources involved in the process.

As regards to the "middle manager and executive" personnel, the variable component is anchored to an incentive by objective system (MBO - Management By Objective) articulated according to a top-down logic: the identification of the objectives is based on from the strategic guidelines provided by the Business Plan and then a deployment of these activities/pillars is carried out according to the different levels of responsibility, according to a "cascade" approach from the top level to the lower hierarchical levels. The objectives are linked to economic dimensions and to specific areas linked to the individual organisational positions, depending on the different levels of responsibility. With regard to the "line" functions, there are objectives focused on operational performances (punctuality and reduction of delays), the implementation of projects related to service quality, also through the introduction of projects and innovative technologies in the field of air traffic control which permit the mitigation of environmental impacts arising from air traffic.

In the subsidiary Techno Sky, the evaluation of non-middle manager company personnel is carried out by the individual manager, in accordance to the performance and results obtained, with subsequent validation by a higher level manager. At the outcome, the Human Resources Department initiates the merit recognition internal practices, having regard to the economic compatibility specifically foreseen for in the budget of the applicable year. The process ends with the approval of the list of provisions by the Company's CEO.

As regards the Middle Manager personnel, the variable remuneration is broken down through the company internal practice, implemented, similar to the Parent group, through the MBO process involving Executives and Middle Managers responsible by Area, Installation and Organisational Unit. The objectives are defined by the relative Manager according to a top-down logic and the recognition of the variable bonus is connected, currently, to the achievement of the individual goals.

Concerning the Executives, the assigned objectives are defined in line with the Group’s internal practice and are therefore shared with those of ENAV's Executives. The provision of the variable incentive is conditional on the achievement of objectives of efficiency and effectiveness by the Group (so-called "Gateway objective"), equal to that provided for the Executives of the Parent company.