Welfare initiatives in favour of the community

With regard to social initiatives aimed at community support, so-called "ONLUS", two projects are reported called: "Send them to school" and "Welcome to Onlus".

"Send them to school" is a project which ENAV joined at the initiative of the Equal Opportunities Committee, aimed at promoting women's education through the long-distance support of forty Tibetan nomadic girls. With this project ENAV wanted to support the education of the girls who in the Tibetan community would be destined to work at home and in the fields without being able to access to degree programmes.

The awareness that educating a nomadic child means raising the quality of life of her future children and her family, and therefore of the whole of the nomadic community in Tibet, as well as safeguarding a civilisation that threatens to disappear daily, was the defining element of ENAV's decision. The support provided allows these girls to temporarily leave their families to stay in structures far from home where they can live and study, thus securing primary education through the coverage of accommodation and subsistence costs, basic health care and the necessary teaching material. The project will end in 2018, when all the girls have reached the goal of obtaining their diploma.

The project "Welcome to Onlus", however, allows ENAV to host in its own offices some non-profit organisations with the aim of giving them the opportunity to raise funds and awareness of the projects of each organisation.

In December 2017, volunteers from Doctors without Borders were welcomed into the company for the first time.